Tammy Rivera Meet and Greet

We have been on a mission over the past few months to bring Bellion to every state in the US, making major headway throughout New England and most recently, Georgia. To celebrate our entry into the Peach State, we wanted to do something special so we teamed up with Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Tammy Rivera, and The Juice Box ATL located at 6300 Powers Ferry Road in Atlanta. 

Starting at 4pm EST, anyone who arrives at The Juice Box will have the chance to meet Tammy Rivera as she hosts our special event. The meet and greet ends at 7pm EST so make sure to arrive early for photo-ops and stick around for an enjoyable Saturday night.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Weekend at the Waterclub

Weekend at the Waterclub

The Bellion crew was out in full force over the weekend, holding events throughout multiple locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Of those locations was the Waterclub at Marina Bay, "a social dining and drinking destination with a creative pub-style menu that features a delicious and fresh approach to waterfront dining."

On Saturday, September 17th, Bellion started everyone off with a night of responsible drinking and for 3 hours, the outside deck was occupied with good times and smiling faces. The people were great, the view was perfect and the drinks were, as always, just right.

bellion vodka waterclub people

Happy Times at Grumpy's

Happy Times at Grumpy's

For one day, on Thursday, April 28, South Bellingham, Mass. became BELLIONham when the Bellion crew occupied Grumpy's Restaurant at 190 Pulaski Blvd. for a night of fun.

For more than 20 years Grumpy's has trumpeted, "WE'RE NOT A CHAIN, WE'RE A FAMILY!" And on Thursday, Bellion joined that family with 5 hours of drink give-aways, games and we even took a stab at the house bingo (and lost badly).

The Grumpy's regulars were in a good mood while enjoying Bellion on the rocks with a twist or in the ubiquitous (and oh so appropriate given Grumpy's proximity to the Cape's cranberry bogs) Cosmo. Nobody was left unsatisfied, and at the end of the night, all they asked for was when Bellion would be back. Well it's on the menu now at Grumpy's, so we're there for good.

The Fiorentini Cocktail

The Fiorentini Cocktail

When you create an alcoholic beverage one of the most common questions you get is "How do I drink it?"   Great question and I'm glad you asked. We recommend you drink Bellion straight with ice or chilled in the freezer. But truth be told the most common way it's drunk around the office here (on cocktail Fridays, natch) is with San Pellegrino grapefruit soda (or Pompelmo), a drink we call the "Fiorentini".  

The refreshing bitterness of the grapefruit plays great with the NTX. If you don't have Pompelmo mix an ounce each of grapefruit juice and Bellion and fill a glass with seltzer.  After you are done with that, let us know how you drink it.  If we feature your recipe, you could receive a prize. 

Get the full recipe here:

Bellion Marches On.

Bellion Marches On.

Bellion is excited to announce that it will be available in three new markets: Arkansas, New Mexico and Iowa. 

Starting March 25, Bellion will be distributed in Arkansas by Glazer's, one of the nations most respected distributors and one of the country’s largest privately held companies with operations in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Canada, and the US Virgin Islands.

Also on March 25, Bellion will be for sale in Rhode Island through RI Distributing Co., a family owned business since 1959.

On April 1, Bellion will be available in Iowa, distributed through Johnson Brothers.  Johnson Brothers began in 1985 when the State of Iowa privatized the sale of wine. They started in the Central Iowa Golden Circle and have expanded to cover all of Iowa’s 99 counties. 

Southwest Wines and Spirits of Albuquerque will begin distributing Bellion in New Mexico on April 15.  SWWS proudly distributed locally produced products along with handpicked brands from outside of New Mexico.

We are planning to bring Bellion to all 50 states by 2017.

Good news in Connecticut

Good news in Connecticut

Bellion created with NTX will be distributed by Hartley & Parker in Connecticut


Bellion created with NTX will be distributed by Hartley & Parker in Connecticut beginning March 4, 2016.    

PARSIPPANY, NJ (March 4, 2016) Bellion Spirits is happy to announce it has partnered for distribution in Connecticut with Hartley & Parker Limited of Stratford, Connecticut for the release ofBellion created with NTX.  Bellion($29.99 per 750 ml) will be available as of March 4, 2016 in Connecticut to be followed shortly by Rhode Island, New Mexico and Iowa. 

About Hartley and Parker  

Since 1941, Hartley and Parker Limited, Inc. has been a proud distributor of wines, spirits and mixers. They have continually strived to enhance relationships with their customers and suppliers. Hartley and Parker aims to offer superior support and excellent customer service to Connecticut's restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, wine and spirit shops, and theaters.  

Frank LaTorra, Sales Manager Hartley and Parker said, "We are excited to be a part of the potential of this new ground breaking spirit and to be able to introduce it to Connecticut."

About NTX Technology:     

NTX technology is a blend of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients developed by Chigurupati Technologies specifically to evolve the spirits industry, with patents granted and pending in the United States as well as 52 other countries.      

Spirits created with NTX are made smarter without sacrificing the consumer experience. It’s what you want to drink when you drink.         

As of now, health statements related to spirits made with NTX Technology communicated to consumers within the United States have been restricted by the Federal Government.

Mass. Hysteria at Bellion Tasting in Taunton

Thank you to Avenue Wine & Spirits of 480 Middleboro Ave in Taunton for hosting our Bellion tasting last night.  It was great to get so much positive feedback.  Here are some pics.