When you create an alcoholic beverage one of the most common questions you get is "How do I drink it?"   Great question and I'm glad you asked. We recommend you drink Bellion straight with ice or chilled in the freezer. But truth be told the most common way it's drunk around the office here (on cocktail Fridays, natch) is with San Pellegrino grapefruit soda (or Pompelmo), a drink we call the "Fiorentini".  

The refreshing bitterness of the grapefruit plays great with the NTX. If you don't have Pompelmo mix an ounce each of grapefruit juice and Bellion and fill a glass with seltzer.  After you are done with that, let us know how you drink it.  If we feature your recipe, you could receive a prize. 

Get the full recipe here: